HeartSine samaritan 450P
HeartSine samaritan 450P

HeartSine samaritan 450P

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Just Released! Brand New AED with CPR Rate Advisor!

Also Includes

  • 1 New HeartSine samaritan PAD 450P AED including 8 Year Warranty
  • 1 Adult Pad-Pak™ Electrode/Battery Pack integrated unit
  • Carrying Case with two zippered compartments
  • HeartSine samaritan PAD 450P Set-Up DVD
  • HeartSine Saver EVO Software
  • FREE AED First Responder Rescue Kit (CPR pocket mask, surgical prep razor, 2 antimicrobial wipes, 2 each 4 X 4 sterile gause pads, Para-Med scissors, 4 nitrile gloves, 2 absorbent towels, biohazard bag, all in a zippered pouch) ($35 value)
  • FREE AED Window Decal
  • FREE AED Inspection Tag
  • FREE Medical Prescription ($35 value)
  • FREE Ground Shipping



The brand new HeartSine samaritan 450P with Integrated CPR Rate Advisor™ is more than a simple AED. The samaritan 450P provides real-time visible and audible feedback on the rate of CPR compressions during a sudden cardiac arrest resuscitation.

Compact Size/Rugged AED

Its compact size of 8" x 7.25" x 1.9" (without carry case) and weight of only 2.4 lbs. allows this to be a great AED that is easily transportable wherever you go and its high IP rating of 56 shows it is perfect for boating, hiking, bicycling, and other adventures. Also, due to its small size, it is perfect for any office or home setting. 

Visual and Verbal Guides

The samaritan 450P provides visual and voice prompts to guide the rescuer through the entire CPR process and provides feedback on the rate of compressions, telling the rescuer to "Begin CPR," "Push Faster," "Push Slower," or "Good Speed." 

Key Features:

Only 2.4 lbs.
Graphical interface including CPR Rate Advisor™ that illuminates to guide user
Clear voice instructions with real-time CPR Rate Feedback
Integrated metronome guides rescuer on frequency of CPR chest compressions
Always ready-for-use
Auto self-test
8 year manufacturer’s limited warranty
Perfect for home, business, travel, public areas, fitness facilities, boats and RVs
Always Ready

The samaritan® PAD 450P will automatically perform critical systems self testing. The status indicator will blink, letting you know the samaritan® PAD is ready for use.

Clinically Safe and Effective

The samaritan PAD is built on many years of research, development and patented technology. The samaritan PAD uses HeartSine’s SCOPE Biphasic technology (a low-energy, escalating waveform that adjusts for the differences in each person’s physical make-up) to deliver optimal defibrillation to every patient.

Only One Expiration Date to Remember

With the samaritan® PAD. there is only one expiration date to be concerned about. The battery and pad system has been packaged together. This new battery & electrode system reduces the maintenance in half and helps ensure an optimal state of readiness.

Integrated Interface

Professional responders have access to the complete event record. While in operation, the system records the time, date, ECG trace and duration, shock delivery information and CPR intervals. Information is downloadable to a PC with optional SAVER EVO software.



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