Medical Oversight

Every business that has an AED program is required to meet federal, state and local guidelines for medical oversight of the program. Every state and each county within each state has different requirements and you are encouraged to learn what is required in your area. All states require a medical prescription for purchase of an AED.

Superior AED offers a nationwide solution for medical oversight.

Check AED laws in your state 

Physician’s Prescription

An AED is classified as a “medical device” regulated by the FDA and a physician’s prescription is required in order to purchase this product. We provide a FREE physician’s prescription with your AED purchase to satisfy this requirement. We work with a national network of supervising physicians so your AED will come complete with this required prescription.

Our Price: FREE

Complete Medical Oversight

You will be confident you are receiving complete compliance under federal, state, and local government regulations regarding your AED program. Complete Medical Oversight really allows your AED Program to be turn-key.  Our program is web-based and you will be given a unique login and password to access your account.

 The services included in this package are: 

  • Initial Physician Prescription
  • Ongoing Medical Direction Under a Licensed Physician
  • AED Program Policies & Procedures Manual
  • Local EMS and/or PSAP Notification & Communication
  • Track Employees' CPR Recertification Dates 
  • Monthly Readiness Check Reminder with Late Alerts (by Email)
  • Monitor Expiration Dates of Electrode Pads & Batteries
  • Unique login and password
  • Support Ticketing
  • Smartphone Mobile App
  • FDA Recall Notification
  • In the Event of AED Usage, you will receive:
    • Customer support phone number and online support ticket
    • Overnight shipping of loaner AED while the data on your AED is being downloaded and interpreted
    • Post-Event Review and Data Management under the supervision of a licensed physician 
    • You receive a copy of the data report
    • FREE Shipping of your AED & loaner AED both ways
    • RescueReplace free replacement battery and electrode pads*  (optional add-on $25/AED/yr)

With our Complete Medical Oversight package, regardless of where your business is located and what changes your county may make, you will be confident in knowing your business is adhering to all protocols of maintaining an AED program.

Our complete medical oversight program is the easiest way for AED owners to properly service and track their AEDs to manage legal compliance.

Price per AED: $150  (Add $25 for RescueReplace)

Discount for multiple AED units purchased at the same time for the same business (different locations allowed)

For a demonstration of our medical oversight program, please visit and call for a guided demo.

Medical Oversight Instructional Video:

* RescueReplace™ is not affiliated with any manufacturer and is a service provided by Superior AED. You will receive a free battery if your AED’s self test indicates the battery is low after data download, or if your AED requires a new battery after each rescue (HeartSine samaritan PAD models and Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus/EXPRESS models). For AEDs with multiple battery options (like the Defibtech Lifeline AED), the free battery provided will be the least expensive model. This program is only available for USA customers and excludes police, fire, or EMS agencies. Free replacement batteries and electrode pads are limited to one event per AED per year.