When you purchase our medical oversight program, you may add RescueReplace™ for an additional $25/AED/yr.  
Ordinarily, when you use your AED during a rescue, you are responsible for buying new electrode pads and batteries. This could be a costly endeavor averaging over $200 for the new supplies.  When you add RescueReplace™ to your medical oversight, just send us your AED for data download and we will return your AED with replacement electrode pads and batteries FREE. * **

Don’t have medical oversight from Superior AED?  No worries, purchase your batteries and electrode pads from us once yours are close to expiration and you can choose to add RescueReplace™ for a nominal fee.

* RescueReplace™ is not affiliated with any manufacturer and is a service provided by Superior AED. You will receive a free battery if your AED’s self test indicates the battery is low after data download, or if your AED requires a new battery after each rescue (HeartSine samaritan PAD models and Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus/EXPRESS models). For AEDs with multiple battery options (like the Defibtech Lifeline AED), the free battery provided will be the least expensive model. This program is only available for USA customers and excludes police, fire, or EMS agencies. Free replacement batteries and electrode pads are limited to one event per AED per year.

** RescueReplace™ is not a substitution for maintaining an extra set of electrode pads with your AED. The American Heart Association recommends all AED programs have a spare set of electrode pads in the event one set is applied incorrectly and the adhesive does not make good contact with the patient when reapplied.